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Go Green Challenge at Invoke Studio

Attendance Now By Donation!

Invoke Studio & Laura Henderson invite you to join the “Go Green” Challenge
Learn fun, easy & practical ways to live and move more lightly on the earth with hands-on “green” activities!

We are super excited to share and learn with you some very simple, low-no cost ways to explore "going green." We don't want anyone who is interested to not be able to attend due to a lack of green cash flow, so.... For the remaining three weeks, attendance will be By Donation. (Exception - To purchase a personal rain barrel for the April 10th workshop, email for price information. There will be no charge for observing & learning the rain barrel making process. Please email by Wednesday to reserve a barrel. Spaces are limited.)

4 workshops: Fridays @ 5:45-7:15 p.m.* more detailed info below
- April 3, Gardening & Composting 101
- April 10, For the Love of Water & Rain Barrel Making 101**
- April 17, Burn Calories, Not Fuel
- April 24, Finding New Purpose in Life (out of old clothes and household items)

Attendance By Donation - Donations go to help Invoke Studio and Urban Earth Indy cover the costs of these workshops as well as supporting future green-living workshops.

* No previous experience in Yoga or Pilates is necessary to participate. Approximately the first and last 15-20 minutes of each session will be for Yoga-Core practice. Workshop activities will run from ~ 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

To register for this workshop: On-line at -OR- Call 317.631.9642 -OR- Email

The Go Green Challenge!
In this four-week workshop series, instructor Laura Henderson offers participants a new Invoke workshop model and challenging participants to Go Green in April. Each week participants will experience a different hands-on Go Green Challenge activity, in addition to two short Yoga-Core series to start and end each workshop by energizing, opening and integrating body, mind and life as we first prepare to open and learn, and then prepare to open and live.*

In addition to weekly activities, coupons and limited give-aways will be provided by local "green businesses," such as GreenWay Supply, Tracey Clean, Green Piece Indy, Indiana Living Green Magazine, and more.

Weekly workshop activities, lead by special guests from the Indianapolis community will include:

April 3rd - Gardening and Composting 101 – Join guest workshop leaders Matthew Jose and Tyler Henderson to learn about composting as well as tips and skills for home gardening by planting the studio’s four raised beds. Then enjoy the beauty and taste sensations all summer when coming for class!

Slow Food Indy will be offering heirloom vegetable seeds from Seed Saver Exchange for the beginner and experienced gardener. All proceeds from seed sales will go to Slow Food Indy, working to build a community of local food that is good, clean, fair and available to everyone.

Matthew Jose is founder of the first downtown Indianapolis CSA, Big City Farms. Matthew operates an urban farm using previously vacant lots in the Cottage Home and Holy Cross neighborhoods. Matthew has also been pivotal in the first year of operations at the Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market.

Tyler Henderson is co-founder of Urban Earth Indy, bringing working gardens to locations such as R-Bistro, the Indiana Humanities Council and Goose the Market. Tyler is an avid home gardener, and he serves on the board of Slow Food Indy as Chair of the Urban and Community Gardening Committee.

April 10th - For the Love of Water & Rain Barrel making 101- Special guest, Tracey Hiner of TraceyClean will speak about using all-natural, non-toxic household cleaners and body care products for your own health and a healthier environment. Then, Tyler & Laura Henderson will demonstrate how to make a rain barrel from a 55 gallon plastic drum. Watch and learn, or make one to take home.** Tips and suggestions for conserving water use will also be discussed.

**Email for more information on reserving a barrel for the workshop. Workshop purchase includes all basic rain barrel hardware and materials. Please reserve a barrel in advance if you wish to make your own to take home by emailing, or call 687-9325.

Tracey Hiner is founder of TraceyClean. Tracey founded the company in response to the increase in the cases of cancer, autism, ADHD, obesity, allergies, premature births, fertility, & Alzheimer's, which she believes can be in part traced back to products that we use in our homes like cleaning products, personal care products, food, bedding, etc. Fed up with big companies not caring or taking responsibility to stop producing products that are dangerous to human beings and the environment, fed up with these companies using loop holes to explain away valid studies that suggest their products cause illnesses and environmental issues, and fed up with companies advertising products as natural, green, or nontoxic when they may not be, she started TraceyClean. Her goal is to provide consumers with non-toxic, all natural household cleaners and body care products to make our homes & lives safer & healthier, while helping us be better environmental stewards as well.

Tyler Henderson started with a couple rain barrels to support his home gardening one year ago. Since then, the Hendersons have distributed over 250 rain barrels through workshops, sales, trades and gifts. Tyler has offered his experience to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful's developing rain barrel program. The Hendersons donate 10% of rain barrel proceeds to non-profit organizations working on water conservation and purification, or other environmental stewardship programs.

April 17th - Burn Calories, Not Fuel – Learn to tune up your bike, change your own tire, city cycling safety tips, as well as other tips for ways to build exercise into daily activities while cutting use of fuel and electricity. Former Madison, WI bike mechanic Chris Hartley will lead participants in the basics. Bring your own bike, or help a friend!

Chris Hartley has lived most of his adult life car-free. Chris worked for two years as a bike mechanic in Madison, WI, and has first hand knowledge in everything from simple tire changes to complicated repairs from his numerous bicycle trips around the country. Chris is a wonderfully patient teacher, and he is gifted with the ability to teach others simple bike tune-ups and repairs in a very non-techy sort of way. :)

April 24th - Finding New Purpose in Life – Enjoy fun and simple projects in re-making, re-cycling or re-purposing household items or worn out clothes, giving them a new and useful purpose. Annie Hostetter will share some of the fun and inventive at home re-purposes she has created, and we'll have a couple project options, including making your own yoga/Pilates mat bag from an old pair of pants. No sewing machine or skills required! We'll also have information about the Indy Craft Mafia and the upcoming INDIEana Handicraft Exchange in June.

Annie Hostetter works for Global Gifts on Mass Ave, where she enjoys selling crafts that support artisans from around the world. Annie is an avid home-crafter, looking for ways to re-use all sorts of household items and old clothes to new purposes. Much her inspiration comes from living in communities both in the US and Africa where re-use is a necessity, rather than a hobby.

For more information, visit the Invoke Studio web site, , or or email Laura Henderson at

* No previous experience in Yoga or Pilates is necessary to participate. Approximately the first and last 15-20 minutes of each session will be for Yoga-Core practice. Workshop activities will run from ~ 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Laura Henderson is a Yoga Alliance registered vinyasa yoga instructor. She is co-founder of Urban Earth Indy , and founder of the Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market. Laura is passionate about gardening, eating fresh, whole foods, supporting independent and local entrepreneurs, and encouraging the simple actions we can all take to live with the earth, rather than on the earth. She is an active member of Slow Food Indy, and enjoys working with Tyler on a growing number of gardening and rain barrel projects.

To register for this workshop:
On-line at -OR-
Call 317.631.9642 -OR-

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