Wednesday, July 1, 2009

About Urban Earth Indy Rain Barrels

Rain water collection is a simple step of sustainability anyone with a roof line can take toward to: 1) reduce consumption of city water and thus help conserve the water supply, 2) help mitigate and slow the flow of storm-water run-off into the city's Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) system, and 3) increase mindfulness to cycles of rain fall and water usage as you observe how quickly a 50-55 gallon barrel fills with each rain and how quickly or slowly you put that water to use. Individual efforts really do make a difference when added to the efforts of others. Read more about the Indianapolis Clean Stream Team & efforts to mitigate storm-water runoff into sewage overflow.

Tyler & Laura Henderson started with a couple rain barrels to support their home gardening in spring 2008. Since then, the Hendersons have distributed over 350 rain barrels through workshops, sales, trades and gifts. Tyler has offered his experience to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful's developing rain barrel program. The Hendersons donate 10% of rain barrel proceeds to non-profit organizations working on water conservation and purification, or other environmental stewardship programs.

Tyler and Laura offer rain barrels ready-made for sale & workshops in which they teach participants how to make their own.

Ready-made rain barrel - $85/barrel
Rain barrel making workshop - $65/barrel

Ready-made rain barrels have been outfitted with all of the basic fixtures (spiggot, overflow hole, removable lid with in-flow holes, lid screening to keep out debris and prevent mosquito breeding) needed to set-up a rain water collection system from a down spout off your home, garage or other structure. In a workshop, participants are shown how to make a rain barrel, and then assisted through the process of making their own to take home.

If you are interested in purchasing a ready-made rain barrel or organizing a rain barrel workshop, please contact Laura and Tyler at

*Workshops require a minimum of 10 barrel purchasing participants, and are limited to 12-15 barrel purchasing participants due to location and supply. Other participants are welcome to observe the conversion process from barrel to rain barrel at no cost. One demo barrel will be made and offered for $75 at every workshop.

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